Weekly Web Gems #1: Top Shelf Copy’s Online Marketing News

The best of the internet marketing web features Google's hummingbird update.Greetings! And welcome to my first installment of Top Shelf’s weekly online marketing news. I’ve developed it with the savvy online marketer in mind, cutting through the banal to bring you only the best. Hope you find a few web gems here, and I’d love to hear your feedback!

As you might imagine, Google’s dual uppercut and body punch to the SEO and search industry dominates the week’s online marketing news. Its complete eclipse of search data coupled with its new Hummingbird algorithm has left (some in) the industry reeling and experts buzzing up the web with their insights, analyses, and opinions.

Other notable news includes Twitter opening up its IPO and a new device that can completely block online ads.

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Dressing for a Google Party

If you want to throw a party on your blog, and you found a way to get Google to attend, how would you dress – casual, semi-formal or formal? Let’s take a look at what that means, so you can decide.

First of all, we’ll just assume that you’ve written a great piece of content, sure to be shared, and you now just want to be sure that your party is memorable, that everyone has a good time and tells all their friends how great it was. Now we just pretend for a moment that we’re throwing a party, just to give a different perspective. All you really have to do now is decide what sort of atmosphere you want, given that Google is on the guest list. So bear with me for a bit.


Here, you do things the way you always do. Make your guests feel welcome, provide good food and drink, music, entertainment… whatever your shtick is. You meet your guests at the door, spend some time circulating among them and when they’re ready to leave, you thank them for coming and wish them a good evening and a safe drive home. You’re a good host.

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