Content Strategy

We’ve all heard the saying “Content is King”. Certainly, the quality of the content on a website is critical – no argument there. But quality content isn’t enough. The most entertaining or informative copy possible will be essentially worthless if presented to the wrong audience or in the wrong fashion.

For your content to be effective, we believe there are four critical points to consider.

Effective web content must:

  1. Say the right thing;
  2. Say it to the right people;
  3. Say it at the right time and place;
  4. Say it in the right fashion.

Our job, as your content strategy provider, is to determine the best way to accomplish all of that, in coordination with the entire SEO campaign.

Top Shelf's Content Strategy Services

We will consult with you and analyze your traffic to determine the demographic data of your potential market, how they find your site and then make our recommendation to you for the most effective strategy to maximize your conversion of your site’s visitors into customers. We’ll also identify the various tactics that will be the most effective in achieving that goal, as well as the metrics to track the progress.

If you have the resources available in-house, you can implement those tactics yourself, but we can also take responsibility for managing all or part of that for you. Whichever approach you choose, Top Shelf will be in your corner, supporting you with our considerable collective content strategy experience.