Focus on Context

We’ve all seen various repeats of “Content is King”, first uttered by Bill Gates in 1996. It was certainly true then, although many people seemed to think (and apparently, some still do) that focusing solely on content was sufficient to achieve success. Mr. Gates, of course, is bright enough to know that the “build it and they will come” approach to marketing leaves a lot to be desired. His mistake was in believing that most people would realize that and fill in the gaps. Some, Bill… but apparently, not the majority.

Taking into consideration the self-induced tunnel vision of the masses, if you add the fact that search algorithms have matured tremendously, perhaps even beyond the point that many thought possible nearly 20 years ago, one can reasonably argue that Bill’s statement is no longer true. Or at least, true only in a more general sense.

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Context Applied to Readability and Ranking

Don’t think this is about the Flesch-Kincaid readability scale – it isn’t. There are times when that’s useful, but by now, most of us should have a pretty good grasp of determining who our audience is and how we should be writing to them. This deals more with how to write for both the readers … Read more

Optimization Basics of Online Images

We all know that humans are visual creatures. Our attention is much more easily drawn (and held) by an image than by a block of text. Good writers can certainly hold a reader’s interest, but until the reader starts the textual journey, the text is powerless. At first glance, any page is nothing but a … Read more