A colleague recently used a term in a webinar he presented that really resonated. He was talking about how SEO is really just intended to reduce the Distance From Perfection. That sums up perfectly what the content of a website’s pages should achieve, as well. So with my thanks to my buddy, Ian Lurie, from Portent, Inc.… we’re adopting that as the ideal way to describe what we do at Top Shelf.

The concept of DFP can apply to virtually any aspect of online optimization – onpage, offpage, SEO, SEM, content, you name it. The idea isn’t to be “good enough” or “better than your competitor”… if you want to achieve and maintain superior rankings and conversions, you need to be constantly striving to get closer to perfection.

Effective copywriting is a necessity to minimizing your DFP, whether you want to rank a page for specific search queries, build an active community or close sales. If you don’t deliver the right message to the right audience, and in just the right fashion, you’re not likely to achieve much success. And perfection, while arguably ephemeral, at best, is a moving target. You’d better be moving too… in the right direction

When you need good content, designed especially to achieve your goals, the only logical approach is to hire professionals to provide it. But that doesn’t mean just hiring the first freelancer you find for a couple of pennies per word. There’s a stringent process to follow, in order to ensure your copy hits the mark.

We prepare effective content, tailored to deliver a compelling message to the right audience. We’ve been helping our B2B and B2C clients improve their search rankings and conversion rates since 2008. Let us explain how we can do the same for you.

Top Shelf isn’t just a copywriting agency. We specialize in content strategy, which is the science of determining who your audience is, when and where they can be found, what they’re looking for and how to deliver it to them in a manner that will be best received.

In other words, it’s not just words. It’s a message. A very personalized message.

When you hire Top Shelf to build a content strategy for your business, the first thing we do is start probing. We want to know all we can learn about you, your product or service, your problems, strengths, weaknesses… your goals, your history and your failures and successes.

The right message – the right audience – the right place – the right way

When we’re comfortable that we have a handle on your business, we start studying your potential customers. We determine what demographic you’re trying to reach. Age, gender, educational level and interests are nearly always a factor in crafting effective copy, although depending upon the nature of your business’s offering, there may be other critical factors, as well.

At that point, we’re able to prepare a content strategy, defining the sort of content you need, where it will be best presented and how, when and where it should be promoted. That strategy may include imagery, videos, podcasts, infographics and textual content in the form of articles, blog posts, white papers or press releases. We can also provide that content for you and manage its promotion, if you wish.

Needless to say, any content presented must be prepared with SEO best practices in mind, in order to prevent any negative impact and ensure maximum effectiveness.

That’s what we do, in a nutshell.

Our content is crafted by a team of specially selected copywriters, each with years of experience in their specialty niche. Many of our writers hold degrees, ranging from Associates to Masters. We provide them with ongoing training in copywriting and SEO, and every article they submit goes through at least a two level editorial review, before being reviewed by an SEO professional. If it doesn’t make the grade, it will never hit your inbox. We’re picky, so you don’t have to be.

Let the Top Shelf team coordinate your marketing campaign for you, using our seasoned pros to help your business achieve the success you seek. Contact us today for a no-obligation assessment of your needs.