Who We Are

Top Shelf Copy was originally a product of the partnership of Doc Sheldon and Lisa Pratto. They originally joined forces at Doc Sheldon’s Clinic in 2011, but as the company grew into a new business model, they decided to start with a clean slate. Top Shelf Copy was born. Lisa moved on in early 2013, as her own pursuits required more of her focus, but her dynamic influence played a great part in Top Shelf’s success.

In early 2019, Doc and Kristi Waterworth decided it was time to take their decade of working together to a new level, and they combined their energies under the Top Shelf roof.

Unlike the Clinic, Top Shelf Copy is not just a content strategy agency – it’s a great deal more. The TSC team offers an extensive array of international SEO and Internet marketing services, executed by seasoned professionals. We specialize in the smooth execution of a carefully planned strategy, designed to help your website rank highly, bring highly targeted visitors to your site and convert them into customers. Each with their own proven track record, and with well over a hundred years of collective experience, our team members are uniquely qualified to help our clients make more money with their websites. They can bring you the bottom-line results that others can only talk about.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of content that meets the needs of both your users and the search engines (in that order). We spend a large portion of our time staying abreast of the daily developments that affect a site’s ability to rank well for search queries. While that focuses on the search engines and their algorithms, it has a very real impact on the way we compose copy for our clients’ sites. We also spend a good amount of time getting to know our clients, their business, their offering and most importantly, their customers. That’s how we can ensure we’re providing you with the most effective content for your purposes.

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