Top Shelf Services

We do very little to actively market our services… our clients do that for us, by either coming back for more or by recommending us to others – often both.

With nearly 90% of our new clients being so pleased with the results we deliver that they become repeat customers, we figure we must be doing something right.

Doing something right is good, but doing everything right is better, so that’s always our goal. We start by ensuring we have a solid understanding of our client, their goals, their offering and their customer base; that enables us to provide content that will achieve the conversions they’re after.

This is a list of a few of the principle services offered by Top Shelf Copy’s team:

Content Strategy Services

Quality copy is a must, but to be effective, it must:

  • Say the right thing;
  • To the right people;
  • At the right time and place;
  • In the right way

We’ll determine the correct way to accomplish all that so that your business can reap the full benefit of its web presence. We’ll work with you to pinpoint precisely who your potential customers are and what your message to them should be. Then we’ll present that message to them in the most effective fashion, when and where they’re most receptive.

SEO Copywriting Services

There are a lot of good writers out there. Some of them understand SEO enough to be able to produce copy that will accomplish its secondary purpose… to be deemed relevant to the most important search queries for your offering. This is our specialty. We know how to deliver your message to your readers in a way that will be most effective, while ensuring that the search engines can clearly understand the nature of your information.

Our SEO copywriters are trained and experienced in achieving both those goals. They understand that search engines don’t buy anything… readers do. So the first purpose is always to satisfy the needs and desires of your audience.

Blog Management Services

A blog is a great way for a company to keep its customers up to date on business news, products, services and general information. It’s also someplace that readers can ask questions, offer opinions and share experiences.

Since it presents an opportunity to interact with your customers, it’s an opportunity that should be embraced. Unfortunately, to do this right takes time… and time may be a scarce commodity for any business that’s running lean and mean. Top Shelf can help with that, and give your company the full benefit of open communication with your customers, without you ever having to lift a finger.

We do more than help you build readership… we focus on building relationships.

Social Media Strategy Services

We’ve all heard that social media has become an important factor in achieving visibility and rankings for webpages. But most importantly, it’s a way to develop relationships with users.  While rankings may be increasingly affected by authority over time, the perception of your company is already heavily impacted by what users think of your company and its offerings.

Every social media platform isn’t appropriate for every business, but nearly any business can derive benefits from engagement on at least one platform. The Top Shelf team can determine which platforms have the greatest potential for your business and what sort of persona will be the most effective at developing an engaged audience for you. We’ll also manage those accounts, to establish a genuine following so that you can establish presence, credibility and approachability. This can be the first contact you ever have with many customers – setting the proper tone can make a tremendous difference.