Know Thine Audience

It’s a much-spouted theory that start-ups are doomed and any business that’s been around more than a couple of years is probably going to start feeding itself to a dark pit of extravagance and hedonism as it expands.  Let’s assume that’s a given, why not? The actually truth lies somewhere less dramatic, but only just: … Read more

Weekly Web Gems #11: TSC’s Online Marketing News

The poop on guest blog spam, Yahoo's newly secured search, and much moreThis week’s Sunday Special edition of our online marketing news features the big Google psyche out! over its kibosh on (spammy backlink-driven) guest blogging, which fairly blew up the web with analyses and reactions.

In other news:

  • Content ideation and strategy that supports long-term business objectives
  • Yahoo rolls out its own secured search
  • Facebook’s declining search reach and its new algo change
  • Twitter introduces its card analytics

Many more web gems await you, so enjoy! And thanks for tuning in…

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