Blog Management

A blog is the most established and accepted method of communication with your customers, en masse. It’s where you can tell them who you are, what you stand for, what you’re working on… you can also share information with them, that will make it easier to understand your products or services, while establishing yourself as an authority in your market.

Most companies that have a website also have a blog. Often, though, the person tasked with keeping the blog current is not working at a level that allows them to be aware of everything that’s going on with the company. They may fail to post something important, or inadvertently post something sensitive. And all too often, the maintenance of that blog falls to someone as a collateral duty, so it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s also a job that often gets passed from one person to another like a hot potato. Face it, folks, if your boss asks (tells) you to take on another job – one that robs you of time to do your real job properly – you’re not likely to have your heart in the game.

Top Shelf's Blog Management Services

Top Shelf can remedy those problems. As part of our Content Strategy Services, we will help you determine how to:

  1. Say the right thing;
  2. Say it to the right people;
  3. Say it at the right time and place;
  4. Say it in the right fashion.

We’ll also work with you to determine what sort of persona will best represent your business to the public. And your blog is the most visible place for that representation to take place.

Just as the persona may be different for every business in every niche, the level and amount of information your blog addresses may be different. Some businesses can do quite well with one post a week, while others may need to post several times each day. For the majority of business blogs, though, we’ve found 2-3 posts per week to be adequate, when combined with a bit of social media promotion.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to try to say what level of blogging will be best for any business, without asking a number of questions. but the pricing below will give you an idea of what is entailed in our most popular packages. Contact us, and after a brief conversation, we’ll be able to make a responsible recommendation for your business.

Note that the pricing below makes no mention of word count – there’s a very good reason for that. Any blog post, article or static page should have a message, and deliver it clearly and concisely. In some instances, that may require 300 words, in others, 3,000 words. We deliver messages, not word count.

Also, while we do include social bookmarking in our blog management package, it’s primarily simply a means of attracting new traffic. In some niches, it can be effective, while in some, it’s a waste of time. We include it below simply to show the sort of things we typically include in certain levels of our service. Until we know your situation, we can’t really give a solid recommendation.

Our packages include research and preparation of optimized blog posts, uploading and publishing them on your platform and executing the indicated quantity of social media posts for each blog post. We will also manage responding to comments on posts we’ve written.