We value our clients very highly at Top Shelf, and always place their needs above our own. Most of our clients are referrals from other clients, so it stands to reason that we go out of our way to provide them the best possible service and quality. Here are a few comments:

Steve Gerencser headshot“Top Shelf Copy has been one of our favorite copywriting companies for a long time now. I know that when I contact them with a critical project that it will be done professionally, with well researched information and most of all, on time – no matter how short of a timeline I throw at them. When we need to provide top shelf content for our clients, we go straight to Top Shelf first.”

~Steve Gerencser – Steam Driven Media


Wissam Dandan headshot“Doc’s expertise in SEO and the highly qualified copywriters from TopShelfCopy have provided an exceptional twist to their services that can be described in 3 words: Quality, Depth, and Optimized.

I am looking forward to a long term relationship and I highly recommend Doc and his team!”

~Wissam Dandan, Daytona Beach SEO Consultant


John Britsios headshot“Doc began serving my copywriting needs many years ago, and he is still my preferred source for top quality material. His extensive technical knowledge of SEO and considerable marketing skills have made him an important asset for my business and my clients. When I need the best, I call Doc, because I know I can depend on him to come through for us.”

~ John Britsios, Forensic SEO Consultant at SEO Workers


Jey Pandian headshot“Doc Sheldon and his team possess a rare combination of incisive wit and intelligence that is combined with a unique flair for copywriting. I use Top Shelf Copy to source all my content strategy needs from personal business projects to demanding SEO clients. Each article is crafted with loving care and attention under the hands of a master craftsman with a thorough vetting process to ensure that it meets the highest of quality standards.

I strongly advise hiring Top Shelf Copy for all your copywriting or content strategy needs. You will not be disappointed. They are the best copywriting firm that I’ve ever worked with.”

~Jey Pandian, New York SEO


Gabriella Sannino headshot“Working with Doc was a pleasure, and an experience I won’t soon forget. He’s reliable, trustworthy, and made our large project seem like child’s play. His knowledge of SEO in the global market has been invaluable. Did I mention he’s dependable, honest, hard working, and focused on results? An excellent addition to our project. We will use him in any future projects we have when it comes to international branding and translation.”

~Gabriella Sannino, Level343.com


RobJones headshotHave known Doc since our first prison term together. Imagine my surprise when I found he knew about web stuff. Have employed his services on multiple occasions for scraping data off NSA sites, hacking NORAD, and performing some simple identity theft. With his assistance, my income has risen dramatically and my arrest-to-convictions ratio has improved too. If you’re planning a criminal enterprise on the web, there’s no better friend than Doc Sheldon.

~ Rob Jones – Freelance Web Guy

Okay, that’s just not true! Rob’s making up the part about NORAD! ~Doc