SEO Copywriting

There are many self-proclaimed copywriters, seo copywriters and even content strategists hawking their services these days. Many of them are deluding themselves (not to mention their clients) that they have sufficient knowledge to be competent providers. However, there are many genuinely skilled SEO copywriters available, who can be depended upon to provide excellent services. And there are even more very talented writers that can be taught the additional skills to help them become proficient SEO copywriters.

Top Shelf Copy has assembled such a team of highly skilled writers, with extensive experience in various niches and styles. We’re very demanding of our writers, in terms of quality and delivery, and we go out of our way to reward them well for meeting and exceeding our standards.

We provide ongoing training to familiarize them with the evolving ranking criteria of the search engines, the most effective written communication techniques, sales and marketing styles and more, so that we are able to continuously improve their service to you. We review their work carefully (a minimum of two editorial reviews and review by an SEO professional) and edit it as necessary to achieve optimum results and use each project as part of our continuous improvement program.

In short, we ensure that the quality of work that you receive is Top Shelf, each and every time, with each new parcel better than the last.

Our primary goal is results! We focus on the user experience first – make it valuable, relevant and easy. In concert with that, we present the information in a fashion that optimizes relevancy to likely search queries, improves CTR and begins the conversion process right from the SERPs.

Content IS King, but every king must have a court, for things to function properly.