Weekly Web Gems #10: TSC’s Online Marketing News

This week's online marketing news features the rapid evolution of internet marketing for 2014Content, content, and more content: What’s an online marketer to do with this ballooning demand for fresh, unique, Google-safe content – and lots of it – this new year? Content marketers weigh in.

Meanwhile, SEO & search pros discuss Google’s voice search as it relates to “things vs. strings”, keywords possibly being displaced by topics, Google slicing Authorship in its search results by up to 40-percent, and what to focus on in 2014.

In the social media world, marketers note Facebook’s mimicry of both Twitter and Google AdWords, with its implementation of “Trending” tailored to and positioned next to users’ news feeds, and with its revamp of ads.

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Weekly Web Gems #9: Top Shelf Copy’s Online Marketing News

This year's first online marketing news features another Google privacy issue, mobile marketing, and more!Happy New Year! As the “best of 2013” and 2014’s trends continue to swarm the internet marketing stream, some of the more recent online marketing news that caught my eye include:

  • Google’s latest privacy offense, which now allows anyone with both a Gmail and G+ account to message anyone else with both accounts, even if the actual email address of the recipient is unknown.
  • Google’s continued ratcheting down of Authorship results in search.
  • Facebook dropping its “Sponsored Stories” problem child.

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Year-End Web Gems #8: TSC’s Online Marketing News

Year end news features the best of 2013 and predictions for 2014This year-end edition of the online marketing news is flush with insightful stats and quality resources from 2013 as well as predictions and recommendations for 2014 – likely enough to keep you occupied through the holidays!

Meanwhile, the digital marketing world keeps spinning around. Here are some of the highlights:

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