Welcome, Kristi and Sue!

Welcome, Kristi Waterworth & Sue McCarty to the Top Shelf Copy team!

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve added a couple of new faces to the Top Shelf Copy team. We’re in a growth mode and the time has come for us to have a more efficient way of servicing our clients. We LOVE that kind of growing pains!

It’s a new phase… half ‘keep growing’ and half ‘fresh start’ (if a third half would fit, it’d probably be ‘exciting’).

First, we’ve been joined by Kristi Waterworth, who brings years of journalism and team management experience to the table. She’ll be our Project Manager, handling scheduling and managing assignments to our writers, as well as client communications. You can get to know her on her About page.

We’re also welcoming Sue McCarty to the team, as our Editor. Sue is bringing her considerable skills to bear, assisting Kristi in ensuring our clients get nothing but the best from us. With several years experience as a journalist and editor before she began her online career, her contribution will be a welcome addition. We had to give her an About page, too, ’cause you know how fragile editors are. 😉


Please join us in welcoming Kristi and Sue, as we begin this next phase of our growth!


2 thoughts on “Welcome, Kristi and Sue!”

  1. Wonderful to be part of the team, Doc. Now I won’t be the sole recipient of Kristi’s constant carping. 😉

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