The State of the SEO Industry: A Chat with Jim Hedger

Smashing the SEO mythAddressing something as big as “the state of the SEO industry” is a feat only a rarified few individuals can do well. Jim Hedger, a founding partner at Digital Always Media, Inc., managed to do so with his recent article on Jennifer Slegg’s site, The SEM Post.

Entitled “State of the Industry – Real SEOs Solve Problems,” Jim’s articulate post struck a collective nerve in the SEO community, with most of us nodding our heads emphatically.

Doc Sheldon and I invited Jim to a Google+ hangout to discuss his article, and more to the point, to discuss the SEO industry’s reputation problem and what REAL SEOs actually do. We were graced with such industry luminaries as Bill Slawski and David Harry, to name only a couple.

Here’s the YouTube video of our conversation with Jim. We’ll be following up next week with a more detailed article featuring the highlights of what proved to be one lively group chat on how to deal with the SEO industry’s craphats, and much more!

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Image credit: Search Engine People Blog via Flickr