Stop Playing Games, Google!

Or at least, stop dealing from the bottom of the deck.

I’m helping a friend help out another friend, in his attempt to regain his site’s rankings after a double whammy for OOP and Penguin. He had some very substantial traffic and conversion numbers until January, when he suddenly noticed he’d fallen from his #1 slot to around #6 and #7 for his major terms. Investigation revealed that he’d suddenly accumulated another 23,000 links or so… from some very questionable sources. Bottom line, he knew he didn’t do anything, so while it couldn’t be proven, it looked as though he’d been nailed by some negative SEO.

Photo by Philipp Klinger - could be the endless Google Stairway(Photo credit: Philipp Klinger)

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This Comprehensive Bible on Copywriting – yours, FREE?

‘Comprehensive bible on copywriting’? Really? Isn’t that a bit pretentious?

For the ultimate guide to link bait, I don’t think so, but I suppose it’s only fair that I explain why not.

the ultimate guide to link baitA dear friend (not just to me… I’ve yet to meet anyone that knows Angie Nikoleychuk, the lovely owner of Angie’s Copywriting, that doesn’t think the world of her) recently gifted me a copy of her new ebook, Copywriting Master Class: Creating Successful Link Bait. And by way of disclosure, it was a gift. There was no solicitation or expectation whatsoever of a review in return. This was entirely my idea – I was impressed.

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