This Comprehensive Bible on Copywriting – yours, FREE?

‘Comprehensive bible on copywriting’? Really? Isn’t that a bit pretentious?

For the ultimate guide to link bait, I don’t think so, but I suppose it’s only fair that I explain why not.

the ultimate guide to link baitA dear friend (not just to me – I’ve yet to meet anyone that knows Angie Nikoleychuk, the lovely owner of Angie’s Copywriting, that doesn’t think the world of her) recently gifted me a copy of her new ebook, Copywriting Master Class: Creating Successful Link Bait. And by way of disclosure, it was a gift. There was no solicitation or expectation whatsoever of a review in return. This was entirely my idea – I was impressed.

Copywriting isn’t just any writing

As further disclosure, I don’t impress easily. Granted, since Angie and I work in the same field, I have a certain affinity for the topic matter. But to be honest, that probably makes me more critical than the average bear. This is, quite simply, an impressive piece of work. It exhibits her enviable depth of experience, presented in a manner that makes it a valuable resource to all copywriters, new and old. It applies to all copywriting, not just link bait.

So I don’t think it’s at all inappropriate to refer to this as a comprehensive bible on copywriting. And although I also consider it to be priceless, that statement is prompted by the tremendous value offered, not the fact that my copy cost me nothing. Furthermore , my review is impartial, prompted only by my desire to point out a great resource to both aspiring and experienced copywriters.

Now having that out of the way, let me give you an idea of what Copywriting Master Class: Creating Successful Link Bait has to offer:

  • Understanding Link and Buzz Bait

The difference between link bait and buzz bait, why some people hate it while others love it, how to keep important records and much more…

  • Do Your Research

Figuring out who links, from where, when, why, using the right language, profiling your audience and much more…

  • Plan Your Content

12 different types of Link Bait, with pros and cons of each, how to generate your content ideas, build dynamite headlines, write your content and much more…

  • Formatting and Setting the Stage

The importance of consistency in EVERYTHING you do, handling images, building for mobile displays and much more…

  • After Publishing

What to do after publishing and how to do it, boosting your content’s importance, linking back, generating more interest and much more…

  • Do an Audit

Auditing your link bait’s performance and improving it

This 41 page ebook is not fluff, simply repeating what we’ve all heard before. Sure, you’ll find some basic principles repeated here, but you’ll also find some new gems. Angie’s Creating Successful Link Bait takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the entire process of developing valuable content that can bring a swarm of natural links to your site. You’ll find several priceless takeaways on every page, mixed in with reviews of the basic information you may already know. I guarantee you’ll find this to be a valuable resource.

And by the way, it comes with a workbook included, to help you implement your link bait program.

I found this so valuable that I immediately purchased another copy, to give one away to one of our readers. If you have a website that could benefit from inbound links and increased targeted traffic (is there any other kind of site?), you need to get your copy of Copywriting Master Class: Creating Successful Link Bait. And while Angie’s price is very reasonable, this FREE copy I’m going to be giving away is even MORE valuable, because it comes with an added bonus – her next ebook course is on keyword research, and will also be given to the lucky winner of this copy as soon as it’s out (very soon).

So what do you have to do in order to get in the running to win this copy and the bonus?

It’s simple:

First, go and Like our Facebook page, then just pay attention there, as we’ll be announcing the giveaway shortly. It’s going to be pretty simple, and it’s going to happen very soon. You’ll get the details on our FB page in a couple of days.

Of course, if you can’t wait that long, I’ll understand it if you decide to head over to Angie’s site and purchase it. It may be the best purchase you make all year!


Angie Nikoleychuk, the author of Copywriting Master Class: Creating Successful Link Bait is the senior copywriter, consultant & strategist at Angie’s Copywriting Services. She specializes in link bait creation, content strategies, and content optimization. Find Angie on Twitter.