Content Beyond Words

We know you’re struggling to get your site just right — and you need an unstoppable plan for your content.  Even though there are about a zillion different ways you can arrange words to fit on the screen, from reviews to product guides and even the occasional case study, sometimes words aren’t going to cut … Read more

Oxford Commas and Other Editorial Irritations

While most writers are known for stretching grammar rules to the limit to serve their (my) own needs (you’ll see), there are a few lines across which copywriters should not tread, particularly when your stuff will be going through an editor. The AP Stylebook has been the guide of choice for the journalism industry since … Read more

A Social Media Primer

Getting the word out about your business isn’t all fun and games — you have to put real work into things like blogging and social media.  Blogging has a very easy and evident pay-off for business owners, but social media isn’t quite as simple.  Because you’re never likely to see direct orders or click-throughs from … Read more