We’ve Grown… a LOT!

After spending a couple of weeks fighting to set up various members-only pages and functions, I finally gave up and set up a subdomain on a different platform! Maybe if I’d had more free time to tackle it, I’d have stuck with the original solution. I’ve never been the patient sort, though, when it comes to getting a new project started.

Regardless, we now have those areas functional, so our writers will have access to extensive resources and our throughput should improve dramatically.

With well over a hundred years of cumulative professional writing experience (and that’s not counting either Lisa or myself!) in a wide selection of niches, we have the ability to deliver whatever volume may be required, in any niche.

We’ve also expanded our offering a great deal, beyond what we offered at the Clinic. Please be sure to check out all the services we offer, either via our in-house staff or via our alliance partners, all of whom are well known industry professionals.

In a nutshell, those services are content strategy, SEO copywriting, website development, SEO services, ORM, paid advertising management, conversion management, social media management, link-building and blog management.

Oh, did I mention that we also offer very affordable rates?