We’re Getting There!

Okay, after a bit of struggling (since I’d never before set up a child theme), the site is finally up, resolves to the proper non-www version, has GWT and GetClicky set up… now the real work starts!

This isn’t just a new face to an old business. Lisa and I had already decided to set up a new site, but recent events caused us to rethink our strategy quite a lot, so Top Shelf Copy is quite a bit more than just a new name for the old Doc Sheldon’s Clinic.

One big change is that we’ll no longer be doing all the writing ourselves. The workload has increased recently, to the point that we were forced to bring in more writers, in order to fulfill our obligations and meet deadlines. Fortunately, we were able to find some excellent additions to our team!

The other is that we’re expanding the services we offer considerably, now that we won’t be constantly chained to the keyboard. More news will be coming on that topic soon.

And of course, last but not least, we’ve got a new look. Well, the site does, anyway. Lisa and I still look pretty much the same.

But we’re excited about the future! 😉