Weekly Web Gems #5: Top Shelf Copy’s Online Marketing News

Online marketers discuss 2014 trends and predictionsThis week’s news finds us peering into the murky crystal ball at the future of online marketing for 2014…

Content marketers focus on content marketing trends and predictions, and why your site needs to be mobile-ready.

SEO and search pros discuss Google SERPs in 2014, how to revamp your business site for SEO in the new year, as well as the question of whether Hummingbird necessitates a change in SEO strategy.

And…social media marketers talk about Twitter’s latest, as well as whether 2014 may be “their” year.

Enjoy this week’s web gems!

Cutting Edge Content

The Future of Content Marketing: Trends and Predictions for 2014 | Sherice Jacob via KISSmetrics.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Be Mobile Ready for 2014 | via Danny Brown.

The Future Of Digital 2013 | Mitch Joel (with Seth Godin/video) via Six Pixels of Separation.

Report: REI Has Best Mobile Site Of Top 100 Retailers, Apple The Worst | Greg Sterling via Marketing Land.

Why “Simple” Websites Are Scientifically Better | Tommy Walker via Conversion XL.

Google “Quick Actions” Put Clickable CTAs in Subject Lines | Ginny Soskey via HubSpot.

Brand Building and Content Strategy with Shelly Kramer [Level Headed Marketing Video] | Mary Green via Level 343.

What Do You Call the Most Effective Approach to Marketing? | Barry Feldman via The Point.

Why Does Most Marketing Stink? | Michael Brenner via Forbes.

How to build an internal content team: Do this, not that | Heather Lloyd-Martin via SEO Copywriting.

How to Use Content Marketing For a “Boring” Industry | Neil Patel via Quick Sprout.

Is This the Top Content Marketing Company in the World? | Jeff Bullas via Jeff Bullas’s Blog.

2013 Video Marketing Survey & Business Video Trends Report | Mark R. Robertson via ReelSEO.

How to Produce Great Video Content without Spending a Fortune | Ben Walker via No Passive Income.

Top 25 Beginner Blogging Tips from Influential Bloggers | John Anyasor via Up City.

How to Get a Guest Post: The Harsh Realities No One Talks About  | Ramsay Taplin via Blog Tyrant.

Guest Writers, Some of You are Stressing Editors Out! | Melissa Fach via CopyPressed.

101 Inbound Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading | Jasmine Henry via Inbound Marketing Agents.

Much Like SEO, Email Marketing is NOT DEAD! (Marketing With Newsletters) | Jennifer Horowitz via Level 343.

Evoking online trust | Seth Godin via Seth’s Blog.



Savvy SEO & Search

Future SERP: A Glimpse at Google 2014 | Dr. Peter J. Meyers via Moz.

SEO Makeover for 2014: A Practical Guide for Businesses | David Portney via Portent.

Cyber Monday Optimization Checklist | Jim Yu via Search Engine Watch.

3 Ways Competitive Analysis Can Help You Boost Rankings & Get Great Content Ideas | Nathan Safran via Search Engine Land.

Mobile SEO: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Brand’s Content is Optimized | Krista LaRiviere via Search Engine Watch.

What Does The Hummingbird Say? | AJ Kohn via Blind Five Year Old.

Hummingbird and Author Rank Authority | Bill Slawski via SEO by the Sea.

Should You Change Your SEO Strategy Because of Google Hummingbird? | Asher Elran via KISSmetrics.

Google Hummingbird & The Keyword: What You Need To Know To Stay Ahead | Jim Yu via Search Engine Land.

Should You Change Your SEO Strategies in Light of Google Hummingbird? [VIDEO] | Arnie Kuenn (with Eric Enge and Jenny Halasz) via Vertical Measures.

Google Helpouts: Help From Experts Backed By Google, Via Video, For A Price | Danny Sullivan via Search Engine Land.

Google Helpouts Offer A New Way To Make Money Online | Chris Crum via WebProNews.

Building Links Through Relationships – My #PubCon Presentation | Ann Smarty via Internet Marketing Ninjas.

How Google Might Use the Context of Links to Identify Link Spam | Bill Slawski via SEO by the Sea.

Should I add schema.org markup on my videos even if they’re on YouTube? | Matt Cutts answers (?) via GoogleWebmasterHelp on YouTube.

Structured Data & Semantic SEO – The New Frontier | Mike Arnesen via SwellPath.

Be the Result that Google Wants to Rank | Kristina Kledzik via Moz.

How to Connect with Your Target Audience? | Nick Stamoulis via SEOPros.

Top 19 SEO Experts Share Their Best Advice on SEO | Effective Inbound Marketing.

INTERVIEW: A ‘Look Back’ With Jill Whalen | Joe Hall via Internet Marketing Ninjas.

The PR Strategies SEOs Haven’t Learned | Ross Hudgens via Siege Media.

How to Spot Low Quality SEO Providers | Duane Forrester via Bing Webmaster Blog.

Google Analytics API made easy – Google docs Magic Tutorial | David Sottimano via distilled.

5 Delicious Analytics Custom Segments: Taste the Rainbow | Michael Wiegand via Portent.

Top 20 Local Search Ranking Factors: An Illustrated Guide | Miriam Ellis via Moz.

Pissed Off Security Guys Issue FU To NSA, Announce Data Center Traffic Now Encrypted | Andy Beal via Techdirt.

Future of SEO in a Social Content World | Lee Odden via TopRank on SlideShare.

Must-Have Social Media Meta Tag Templates for Improved Sharing and SEO | Cyrus Shepard via Moz.

The Ultimate Guide to Adwords Ad Extensions | Zach Etten via Vertical Measures.


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Smart Social Media

The Year of Social? | via eMarketer.

Social Media for Small Business: Choose Wisely, Then Execute | Ian Lurie via Entrepreneur.

Content Marketing Minds: A Community of Authority Equals Influence | Barry Feldman via Social Media Today.

How Twitter Custom Timelines May Boost Twitter’s Reach Into The Web | Danny Sullivan via Marketing Land.

How Twitter’s new expanded images increases clicks, retweets and favorites [New data] | Belle Beth Cooper via The Buffer Blog.

5 New Awesome Features Twitter Would be Crazy Not to Add | Uri Bar-Joseph via Search Engine Watch.

Backlash Over Google+ Integration Into YouTube Comments Continues To Grow | Amy Gesenhues via Marketing Land.

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Insights and Analytics | Kristi Hines via KISSmetrics.

Five ways to Increase Your Facebook Traffic | Simon Campbell via Level 343.

Skype’s Focus on The Bigger Idea (It’s Not the Technology, It’s What The Technology Allows You to Do) | Mack Collier via MackCollier.com.

11 Important Ingredients of a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Plan [Infographic] | Neal Schaffer via Maximize Social Business.

Photo credit to Courtney (Anomalous Productions) via Flickr