Weekly Web Gems #4: Top Shelf Copy’s Online Marketing News

Google's vanity +URL, post-Penguin 2.1 linking, Hummingbird are featuredTrick or treat!

Did you get an email from Google inviting you to claim your own custom G+ URL? Well, it seems the big G may charge you for it. Shocking, I know – Google monetizing its services? Wow. Tricky treat!

Other SEO and search industry buzz concerns whether Google may be abandoning (or downgrading) its Authorship initiative, link building post-Penguin 2.1, the “new” SEO, as well as ongoing discussions of Hummingbird and ‘(Not Provided)’.

The search community also bids a fond farewell to one of its pioneering greats, Jill Whalen, as she moves on to pursue other passions. You’ll be missed, Jill! Thank you for all that you’ve contributed in your long tenure.

On the social media front, Instagram appears to be the fastest-growing social media channel, while Facebook leads the pack in terms of the social sign-in of choice.

Meanwhile, content marketers peer into their 2014 future, and discuss B2B and conversions.

Enjoy this week’s web gems!

Cutting Edge Content

Writing Content for Users vs. Search Engines: Is There Still a Difference? | Doc Sheldon via Search Engine Watch.

Future of Content Marketing: What to Expect in 2014 | Gini Dietrich via Spin Sucks.

33 Irrefutable Laws of Content Marketing that Will Outlive the Internet | Marcus Sheridan via The Sales Lion.

31 Top Marketers Agree: It’s Time to Rethink Your Content Marketing – Free 214 Page eBook from Linkdex | Lee Odden via TopRank.

The Formula for Innovative Content | Ann Handley via SlideShare.

Content: Why Influence Matters | Rebecca Lieb via Marketing Land.

Cascading Content is Content Marketing Made Easier | Brian Massey via The Conversion Scientist.

What marketing and PR pros need to know about Google Hummingbird  | Brian Lustig via The Hub.

Cross-Channel Usability: Creating a Consistent User Experience | Janelle Estes via Jakob Neilsen’s Alert Box.

Web Marketing Cannibalization: Is Your Web Traffic Eating Itself? | Andy Crestodina via KISSMetrics.

12 Bases You Need to Cover with Content | Melissa Fach via CopyPressed.

The comprehensive guide to dealing with content plagiarism | Ian Lurie via The Hub.

Three Essential Tools to Research, Curate and Build Authority | Courtney Ramirez via SEO Copywriting.

What Happens After The Conversion | John Paul Mains via Marketing Land.

Using Email to Get the Conversion (Without Stalking) | Tim Ash via ClickZ.

How To Achieve ROI From Your B2B Content Strategy In 60 Days | Jayson DeMers via Search Engine Land.

Four essential steps to creating a B2B marketing dashboard | Maria Wasing via Econsultancy.

20 Ways To Get Your Content In Front Of Early-Stage B2B Buyers | Derek Edmond via Search Engine Land.

Savvy SEO & Search

What I Learned from Matt Cutts at Pubcon | Nathan Safran via Conductor.

Algo (Future) Proofing Your SEO – A Look at the Landscape | Eric Enge via Stone Temple Consulting on SlideShare.

The New SEO – It’s About People, Intent, & Meaning | Trond Lyngbo via Search Engine Land.

What Scares Google? | Dr. Peter J. Meyers via Moz.

Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, the Future | Avinash Kaushik via Occam’s Razor.

Study: Google Adds 1,200 Search Sites & 750 ISP Client Networks In Less Than A Year | Amy Gesenhues via Search Engine Land.

Google Claims Great Leaps Forward in Voice Search | Liz Gannes via AllThingsD.

Authorship Is Dead, Long Live Authorship | AJ Kohn via Blind Five Year Old.

Google’s Authorship Project Dying? | Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Roundtable.

Quick Guide to Scaling Your Authorship Testing with Screaming Frog | Kane Jamison via Moz.

Google Author Rank: On? Not Yet? Why I Don’t Care | Mark Traphagen via Virante Orange Juice.

Google’s ‘Misinformation Graph’ Strikes Again | Chris Crum via WebProNews.

Optimizing The SEO Model | Peter DaVanzo via SEO Book.

Google App Indexing: Google Can Index & Link To Content In Your Android App | Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Land.

Link Reclamation – Whiteboard Friday | Ross Hudgens via Moz.

Post Penguin: Why a Simple Link Building Strategy Works Best | Nesslyn Aquino via Level 343.

Link Building Dos and Don’ts | Eric Enge via SlideShare.

The Impact of Penguin 2.1: Recovery, Knockout Punches & Fresh Hits | Glenn Gabe via Search Engine Watch.

What You Need to Understand about Google Penguin Recovery | Rae Hoffman via Sugarrae.

Using Analytics To Enhance Your Link Building Strategy | Casie Gillette via Search Engine Land.

Inbound Strategies for Your Global Market | Gabriella Sannino via Level 343.

Detailed Analysis of Semantic Search and its Role in Hummingbird Algorithm | Joydeep Bhattacharya via Search Engine People.

Schema.org – 7 Things For SEOs To Consider Post Hummingbird | John E. Lincoln via Search Engine Land.

Did Hummingbird Just Kill Your Local SEO? | Andrew Shotland via Search Engine Land.

What the New AdWords Ad Rank Algorithm Really Means | Erin Sagin via Word Stream.

Report: Basic Local Optimization Steps Boosted Google Visibility By 179 Percent | Greg Sterling via Search Engine Land.

Long-Time SEO Jill Whalen Moves On, Praises Google For Rewarding Content More | Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Land.


Smart Social Media

Study: Instagram Is The Fastest Growing Social Network, Top Brand Engagement Up 350% Since Last Year | Greg Finn via Marketing Land.

The Benefits of Using Instagram for Business | Jenn Herman via Maximize Social Business.

How does Google’s Hummingbird Update Impact Social Media Marketers? | Marcela De Vivo via Jeff Bullas’s Blog.

Google May Charge Fees For Google+ Custom URLS | Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Roundtable.

Google+ Hits 300 Million Active Monthly “In-Stream” Users, 540 Million Across Google | Matt McGee via Marketing Land.

Watch out Facebook! Google+ just announced some awesome new multimedia features to its platform | Omar Akhtar via The Hub.

Report: Facebook Dominates The Social Login Landscape Across All Website Verticals & Geographic Location | Amy Gesenhues via Marketing Land.

Promoted Tweets Get Big Boost In Twitter Redesign | Cotton Delo via Ad Age.

I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling | Adam L. Penenberg via PandoDaily.

Facebook: 20 Million Small Businesses Have Pages, Small Fraction Are Advertisers | Matt McGee via Marketing Land.

The Horror Movie Guide to Building Relationships | Kimberly Williams via Portent.

Quantifying The Reach-Efficiency Tradeoff In Facebook Advertising | Kohki Yamaguchi via Marketing Land.

The Top #Nifty50 Women Writers on Twitter for 2013 | Tom Pick via Webbiquity.


Photo credit: monkeywing via Flickr Creative Commons