Stop Playing Games, Google!

Or at least, stop dealing from the bottom of the deck.

I’m helping a friend help out another friend, in his attempt to regain his site’s rankings after a double whammy for OOP and Penguin. He had some very substantial traffic and conversion numbers until January, when he suddenly noticed he’d fallen from his #1 slot to around #6 and #7 for his major terms. Investigation revealed that he’d suddenly accumulated another 23,000 links or so… from some very questionable sources. Bottom line, he knew he didn’t do anything, so while it couldn’t be proven, it looked as though he’d been nailed by some negative SEO.

Photo by Philipp Klinger - could be the endless Google Stairway(Photo credit: Philipp Klinger)

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From the Top Shelf Dictionary | How To Do A Blog

how to vlogIf you have recently said to yourself, “Self, I want to blog!” or maybe even wondered how to vlog, then this post is for you. We’ve already talked about a few words that every small business owner should know and we’d like to take this opportunity to augment your vocabulary. Ready?

  1. Site:

    Now, this may seem obvious, but a site is your website. The best, easiest, most effective and cheapest marketing tool for your business. No. I’m not the least bit biased – why do you ask?

  2. Blog:

    A blog, which is an abbreviation (or contraction?) of the term “web log”, can be a stand-alone site, a sub-domain or a page on your site. The majority of your site consists of static pages, but the blog is constantly added to, which is why you need to hire stellar writers. Know you need one, but not sure where to start? Contact us. We know how to do a blog right. Heck, we’ve got this blogging stuff down cold. Continue reading “From the Top Shelf Dictionary | How To Do A Blog”


BMR is Dead | I’m Sorry for Them, but So What?!

blog backlinksMany so-called SEO ninjas/gurus/warriors/experts/wanna-bes/superheroes have their panties in a bunch because BMR is off the market. If you are not familiar with them, they were a blog network designed for getting backlinks.

(If you aren’t sure what a backlink is, call us. We need to talk!)

Anyway – Big G didn’t like them and their friends too much, so they were effectively shut down this past week. I feel bad for them. I am sure they were nice people and having the rug pulled out from under you when you run a small business is no fun. I am sure that, in this economy, we can all relate on some level. Continue reading “BMR is Dead | I’m Sorry for Them, but So What?!”