Weekly Web Gems #11: TSC’s Online Marketing News

The poop on guest blog spam, Yahoo's newly secured search, and much moreThis week’s Sunday Special edition of our online marketing news features the big Google psyche out! over its kibosh on (spammy backlink-driven) guest blogging, which fairly blew up the web with analyses and reactions.

In other news:

  • Content ideation and strategy that supports long-term business objectives
  • Yahoo rolls out its own secured search
  • Facebook’s declining search reach and its new algo change
  • Twitter introduces its card analytics

Many more web gems await you, so enjoy! And thanks for tuning in…

Killer Content

Are You Winning The Attention Auction? | AJ Kohn via Blind Five Year Old.

Planning: Turning Barriers into Opportunities | Doc Sheldon via The Meld.

How to build a great content marketing strategy | Wissam Dandan via Wamda.

How to Earn the Amplification of Influencers – Whiteboard Friday | Rand Fishkin via Moz.

How To Build An Online Business That Will Last | Lewis Ogden (via Chris Dyson) via Triple SEO.

The Content Strategy Outcast – Technical Documentation and How to Convince Customers to Use It | Angie Nikoleychuk via Angie’s Copywriting.

9 Tools to Help You Come Up With Content Ideas | Jayson DeMers via Search Engine Watch.

Content Shock: Worrisome Trend or Content Marketing Myth? | Shel Holtz (via Joe Pulizzi) via Content Marketing Institute.

Absurd’s the Word: The Triumph of Absurdity in Online Marketing | Dustin Verburg via The Meld.

Can You Double Your Clicks with the Jeopardy Effect? | Roger Dooley via Neuromarketing.

How Colors Affect Conversion Rate | Neil Patel via Quick Sprout.

Corporate blogging generates new visits & drives conversions [data] | Brafton Editorial via Brafton.

B2B Marketers to Up Spend on Content, Mobile in 2014 | via eMarketer.

The Case For Continually Updated Content – Revisited | Steve Morgan via The Meld.



Savvy SEO & Search

Let’s first get this whole guest blogging blues out of the way, shall we?

It began with:

The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO | Matt Cutts via Gadgets, Google, and SEO.

Followed by:

Google Clarifies: Guest Blogging Is OK, But “Guest Blogging For SEO” Is Not | Danny Sullivan via Marketing Land.

Guest Blogging Is Not Dead (Shock – horror. Google announces Guest Blogging is Dead) | Barrie Moran via ISOOSI.

Keep Writing Quality Content: SEO Bloggers React To Matt Cutts’ Claim “Guest Blogging Is Dead” | Amy Gesenhues via Search Engine Land.

Toward a Linkless SEO: The SEO Link Is Dying. Here’s What Might Replace it | Elisa Gabbert via WordStream.

Link Building Will Never Die but Bad SEO May Kill Your Website | Michael Martinez via Reflective Dynamics.

[Updated] Guest Blogging, the Fork and My Take | Ann Smarty via SEO Smarty.

Will Link Building Soon Be A Thing Of The Past? | Casie Gilette via Search Engine Land.

Guest Blogging and SEO: Still a Match Made in Heaven | Neil Patel via Quick Sprout.

Spammy guest blogging is dead? Well duh. | Heather Lloyd-Martin via SEO Copywriting.

Matt Cutts declares the death of guest blogging for SEO | Graham Charlton via EConsultancy.

The Future of Guest Blogging (No, it’s Not Dead, Despite What Matt says) | Saleem Yaqub via PostJoint.

Don’t Stick a Fork in Guest Blogging Yet… | Jon Ball via Search Engine Watch.

Time for Guest Blogging With a Purpose | Jennita Lopez via Moz.

Matt Cutts Declares Guest Blogging “Done”… Are We All Screwed? | Jerod Morris via Copyblogger.

Guest Blogging is Not Dead | via Bill Hartzer.

SEOs and Content Marketers Rationalize Their Guest Blogging as Not Spam | Michael Martinez via SEO Theory.

In other SEO & Search News….

Google Now Changing The Top Search Filters Based On Query | Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Land.

Yahoo Search Goes Secure, Taking Referrer Data – An Indicator Of Yahoo’s Popularity – With It | Danny Sullivan via Search Engine Land.

Yahoo! Secured Search Rolls Out | Aaron Wall via SEO Book.

Google’s Matt Cutts: We Don’t Use Twitter Or Facebook Social Signals To Rank Pages | Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Land.

[DATA] Don’t Believe the Hype: Ten Blue Links Are Alive and Well in Search | Nathan Safran via Conductor.

Say No To Commercial Creep In Search Results | Kevin Ryan via Marketing Land.

SEO Penalty and Algorithm Recovery Timelines | Alan Bleiweiss via ISOOSI.

Dissecting Google Penguin 2.1: What Factors Mattered? [Study] | Jessica  Lee via Search Engine Watch.

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird : 3 major Google algo changes you REALLY need to address to win at SEO in 2014. | via Link-Assistant.

5 Ways to Unlock Organic Search Data from Google | Aura Dozescu via Search Engine People.

Google Hides Too Many Search Results | Alex Chitu via Google Operating System.

SEO: Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results | Duane Forrester via Bing.

The Great Google Authorship Kidnapping: What Happened to Your Author Photo in Search? | Mark Traphagen via the Stone Temple Blog.

Google Authorship Drop in SERPs: What Does it Mean? | Ann Smarty via Threadwatch.



Smart Social

New Facebook Algorithm Update Dings Text Updates From Businesses | Ginny Soskey via HubSpot.

Make Facebook’s Algorithm Change Work For You, Not Against You | Chad Wittman via Moz.

Matt Cutts Explains How Important Social Media Signals Really Are | Matt Southern via Search Engine Journal.

Testing Ads in Mobile Apps | via Facebook for Business.

Introducing analytics for Twitter Cards | Buster Benseon via Twitter Developer blog.

Twitter Releases Card Analytics: Here’s How to Use ‘Em | Ginny Soskey via HubSpot.

Three Ways Google Plus Ripples Can Increase Your Visibility Online | Daniel Dannenberg via Vertical Measures.

Relationship Marketing: How to Build Meaningful Connections that Lead to Business | Michael Stelzner interviews Ted Rubin (podcast) via Social Media Examiner.

The Sunday Share: Analyzing the Culture of Selfies | via Danny Brown.


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