Social Media and Small Business | Does It Really Work?

So many small business owners just do not know what to make of social media. They either assume that none of their potential customers would ever use it to find them or they are just confused as to how it all works.

Business social media is like word-of-mouth on steroids!

In the old days, if you did a good job, your customers would recommend you to friends. If you did a good job for the friends, they would recommend you to more. And so on. Today, social media does this but on a much grander scale. One FaceBook post about your services by a happy customer can instantly go out to hundreds of their friends. One Tweet can hit thousands in seconds.

In fact, no one knows this better than Marilyn Hagerty. She is an 85 year old food writer in Grand Forks, North Dakota. No, its not a big town. She wrote a sweet little article on the new Olive Garden in town and happened to mention that they had great bread sticks.

Well, someone saw that little review and told a few friends. 400,000 to be exact. That’s right. Word-of-mouth made it happen. Sure, there were a few foodies making fun of her and claiming that Olive Garden and other chain restaurants didn’t deserve the press. Still, other complete strangers were jumping to her defense and showing their support. In fact, the article was so popular that Marilyn was interviewed on national television.

The point is that social media for small business is a powerful marketing tool that you need to tap into. If you don’t know how to come up with a social networking strategy, we can help. We have experts on our team that know how to get the most out of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for your small business.

You do whatever it is that you do best. Let us rock the social media for you. It’s what we do best.

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  1. There’s no easier or more fun way to stay in touch with your customers (and future prospects) than social media. This is especially so for small business with a minuscule marketing budget.

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