Why You MUST Have a Website in 2012

setting up a business websiteWebsites are no longer optional. You can no longer use the excuse that no one will ever look up your type of small business online. It’s just not true anymore. You see, everyone, even your grandma, logs on to look stuff up. No one uses those big yellow books anymore. In fact, most people do not even keep them in their cupboards any longer. Do you? Here are a few more reasons why you can no longer get away without a website.

  1. Competition: Who is your competition? Look them up online. Type their name into that Google search bar. Do they have a website? A social media presence? If they don’t, you’re lucky. You can beat them to the punch. If they do, well, shoot us an email. We can help.
  2.  Cheap: It used to be that hiring a code cowboy to design a website for you was a long, drawn out process that took several months and several thousand dollars to do. Now, setting up a business website can be done in a few days, if not a few hours. You can do it yourself or we can help.
  3. Fluidity: Again, times are changing. In the past, it was difficult and expensive to change text or graphics on your website. You had to call the web guy and he had to write new code. It was a pain, to say the least. Now, with WordPress, blog set up and changes are so easy that they can be done in minutes. New sale price? Done. Area code change? Done. Found a typo? Done.
  4. Sales: That’s what it’s all about, right?! More sales. Every business is different. Some can sell their product online, some use a website to set up appointments for a service they provide, but it all translates to more sales. Don’t worry if you can’t write that killer sales text or keep up with regular blog postings. We offering copywriting and blogging services, just be ready to make the sale.