John Casteele

Headshot of John CasteeleJohn Casteele

John’s Answers:

Why are you a copywriter?

Essentially, a long series of accidents.

How did you learn this dismal trade?

English classes, a natural affinity for storytelling and an ungodly amount of trial and error

How do you take your coffee?

Without coffee.

If you had to pick just one condiment, which would it be and why?

Mayonnaise. Not really a fan of ketchup.

What kind of writing do you do outside of Top Shelf?

Entertainment writing, especially for video games and movie/TV news, as well as occasional finance and investment work. Also pick up assorted odd jobs on things like music, psychology/self-help (those years as a Psychology major count for something, I guess) and other things of the like.

How do you think your outside writing influences your Top Shelf work?

It gives me a perspective on different angles to examine.

What’s your project manager like? How about your editor?

I am totally not contractually obligated to say that they are some of best that I’ve worked with.

What’s your favorite font?

Kimberly Geswein’s “What Does the Fox Say?”

What words do you really hate/love?

I don’t know that there are any words that I really hate or love. For the most part, I just consider words to be good friends.

Describe your ideal writing situation.

Relatively quiet, ideally with no one in my immediate vicinity. Location doesn’t matter, so long as the keyboard works.

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

“Father of Death” by The Protomen.

One thing about my writing career/life that people wouldn’t expect is:

There have been surprisingly few lavish parties at the Playboy mansion. Also, it’s apparently possible to write things other than books.