Starting a Business Blog | 7 Biggest Mistakes

How To Start A Business BlogJust because you have a website for your business up and running does not mean that you can stop, leave it alone and expect it to drive business to you until the end of time. That may have worked in 1999, but no longer. Websites are living breathing things that need to be constantly changing and evolving with the times. Here are some tips on what NOT to do:

  1. No Blog: Keeping just a stagnant home page or a boring catalog site that never changes is not enough for Google. You need to learn how to start a business blog, even if that means you need to find writers.
  2. Irregular Postings: Once you have that blog for your small business, you need to post to it on a regular basis. Three times a week is sufficient for both your readers and for Google to be happy.
  3. Posts Too Short: Sticking up a picture of your latest ad in the Sunday paper or a link to a YouTube video your brother-in-law made for you is not good enough anymore. Google made some changes (the Panda update – you might have heard about it) and they let everyone know that posts to your professional blog should be informative, insightful and at least 300 words.
  4. Posts Too Long: On the same token, you do not need to write a novel. If you cannot say what you need to say in less than 500 or so, split up your post into a three-part series for example. No one wants to scroll on forever just to see you finally get to your point after 15 minutes of reading. The attention span of most internet users is short, to say the least.
  5. Keyword Stuffing: Keyword stuffing is a term you may not be familiar with. Basically, it involves cramming your keyword in as many times as possible into each paragraph, which, incidentally, reads like crap and is very 1999. This is why you need to find writers, like the team we have at Top Shelf, that know how to write properly for the internet.
  6. Not Using Social Media: You can’t just write a post and expect everyone and their mother to know that it is there and rush to read it. You need to do a little weblog marketing and use social media to your advantage.
  7. Not Backlinking: Yes, backlinking means writing more articles and spending more time on social media sites getting the word out. Its ok if you don’t have time for it, that’s what you’ve got us for.