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how to vlogIf you have recently said to yourself, “Self, I want to blog!” or maybe even wondered how to vlog, then this post is for you. We’ve already talked about a few words that every small business owner should know and we’d like to take this opportunity to augment your vocabulary. Ready?

  1. Site:

    Now, this may seem obvious, but a site is your website. The best, easiest, most effective and cheapest marketing tool for your business. No. I’m not the least bit biased – why do you ask?

  2. Blog:

    A blog, which is an abbreviation (or contraction?) of the term “web log”, can be a stand-alone site, a sub-domain or a page on your site. The majority of your site consists of static pages, but the blog is constantly added to, which is why you need to hire stellar writers. Know you need one, but not sure where to start? Contact us. We know how to do a blog right. Heck, we’ve got this blogging stuff down cold.

  3. Vlog:

    Yes. Yes, that is a V, not a typo. If your palms are starting to sweat, then you know what a vlog is. That’s right, it is the video counterpoint of a blog post. You can record yourself and upload it to your blog, to YouTube or to a number of other places. It can be original content or you can just go over your most recent blog posts. It does not have to be Sundance Festival perfect. Check out YouTube in your free time, if your perfectionist soul doesn’t believe me.

  4. Podcast:

    If being a video star makes you downright nauseous (*raises hand*), you can make an audio only version. Record yourself reading your article, blog post or press release. Again, you can put it on your site or upload it to another location on the net. Hate your voice? Don’t worry – we’ve got that covered, too.

Yes, TopShelf really is one-stop shopping. We try to make this stuff easy for you. We know the how, why and where to blog; you’ve got better stuff to do.

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    • Podcasts are nice, because as you say, you can listen while you work, Rob. I like videos too, but of course, they knock my productivity into the cellar!

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