Copywriting Rates

We’re writers, but not just the sort that convey information on a page. We convey information to the reader, of course, but there’s more value to the kind of writing we do. We also convey information to the search engines, in language they can understand.

We’re what is most commonly referred to as Content Strategists. We present information in such a way as to take several different aspects into consideration. Whether writing a How-to article, a press release, or the Contact Us page on a client’s website, we’re looking to:

Convey the desired information to the reader in a unique, understandable fashion
Convey to the search engines what the page is about
Convince the reader to take a desired action
Ensure the information to both the reader and the search engines is correct

There’s a lot more involved in accomplishing all that than simply having a gift of gab and using a spellchecker. Anyone with a decent vocabulary and a working knowledge of proper grammar can write. Incorporating all the above points into your copy, however, is a key part of the overall SEO strategy, and requires a good bit of experience, as well as being intimately familiar with the state of the industry.

As the name implies, content strategy is also more than just SEO copywriting. We also assist you in determining what sort of content, the style of presentation and the specific content to be employed. Informational, instructive, or sales oriented… our approach will be tailored to your needs, with your particular audience in mind.

To that end, we have built a team of accomplished SEO copywriters, all dedicated to providing the highest quality copy possible. From titles that grab your readers’ interest to copy that sustains that interest and conversion-oriented direction, we provide you what you need. And our content is structured in such a way that the search engines will rank your content favorably for relevant search queries.

That’s what we do, and these are our basic rates.

Web pages $300
Std. article/blog post (up to 1000 words) $150
Med. article/blog post (1000-1500 words) $200
Full-length article/blog post (1500-2000 words) $230
White papers (1800-2500 words) $820
White papers (2500+ words) $1,000
Press release $225
Manual re-write $95
Edit/proof-reading $25 S/U & $5/pg
Product descriptions (~125 words) $100
Reviews $200-$500
Sales pages (request quote)

Standard Terms: For most orders, 50% with order, balance due net 2 days after invoice, via PayPal or bank transfer.  Quantity discounts apply on a per-order or per-week basis, whichever is shorter. Additional 10% discount available for 100% prepaid orders when not required (some orders will require pre-payment).

Effective 1-1-2016

(If you don’t see what you need above, please contact us for a customized cost proposal). We also provide blog and social media management services.

Note: A word on keyword density… there is no magical acceptable percentage. In our experience, user readability is the key factor. However, a few article directories do mandate maximum allowable density, in the interest of preventing keyword stuffing and preserving readability. And some SEOs may say that 2%, 5% or 10% is the optimum density. We say that natural, readable content is the optimum density. Period. Anything else you may hear is a myth.

Unfortunately, some clients have it in their minds that a percentage should be adhered to, so if they have their heart set on a number, we have arbitrarily decided to recommend 2% as that target. At that level, readability certainly won’t suffer, and the search engines won’t fail to recognize the relevance.