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business writing services

Ok. Every business has their own little spiel on why you should hire them. Here’s ours:

  1. We’ve got the pros. The teachers, the accountants, the small business owners, the chefs, the moms, the window cleaners, the nurses, the realtors, the you-name-its. We’ve got them all and they all love to write for us. In fact, we built our team based on both their top notch writing skills and on the knowledge they bring to the table.
  2. Our professional writers for hire actually like to write. I know, crazy, right?! You may have hated writing those papers in high school or college, but our peeps loved them. They love finding the perfect verb, squeezing in one more adjective and throwing in a sentence fragment just for the shock value. They play with words the way others play with Matchbox cars. And, in case you were wondering, they’ll beat the pants off you in Scrabble.
  3. We are excited to offer our blog writing service and business writing services. Yes. We really do live for this stuff. It’s a sickness.
  4. We are SEO geeks at heart. We “get” it, so you don’t have to. We can explain it all in detail or not, your choice. But, fair warning, once we get going we are tough to shut up. We can go on and on about on-page SEO, keyword research and reputation management. It makes our hearts go pitter-patter.
  5. We offer customized proposals tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’ll benefit from on-page SEO, social media, backlinking or business writing – most likely a combination of several of those – you can choose what you like, what you can afford and move on. Done. Easy.
  6. We saved the best part of our spiel for last. Ready? Once you hire Top Shelf Copy, you can cross off all that online stuff you needed to do off your list. Yea!