BMR is Dead | I’m Sorry for Them, but So What?!

blog backlinksMany so-called SEO ninjas/gurus/warriors/experts/wanna-bes/superheroes have their panties in a bunch because BMR is off the market. If you are not familiar with them, they were a blog network designed for getting backlinks.

(If you aren’t sure what a backlink is, call us. We need to talk!)

Anyway – Big G didn’t like them and their friends too much, so they were effectively shut down this past week. I feel bad for them. I am sure they were nice people and having the rug pulled out from under you when you run a small business is no fun. I am sure that, in this economy, we can all relate on some level.

In any case, this shouldn’t have affected your blog’s backlinks plan for two reasons.

1)  You shouldn’t put all your backlinking eggs in one basket. There were many people that used BMR exclusively for all their backlinking needs. Well, that’s just silly. Correction: that’s just lazy. You need to spread your backlinks around to several places on the net. Not just one company.

2)  You shouldn’t put all your backlinking eggs in one basket. Yes. I DID say the same thing twice. You see, it bears repeating because some people are going to make the same mistake and start putting little 150-word, BMR-style blurbs on another site and call it a day. While another site may be ‘safe’, you need to think of backlinks for SEO in the same terms that you do a healthy diet. Your doctor recommends a mix from all the food groups, a little bit of everything. You need some BMR-style blurbs, sure, but you also need longer, quality articles on web 2.0 sites. You need guest posts, tweets, comments, forum postings, social bookmarking, syndication, press releases, infographics, Pinterest, audio files, videos, and so much more!

The world (wide web) is your backlinking oyster! Open your wings and soar! Or, better yet, call us. We soar daily!


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