Context Applied to Readability and Ranking

Don’t think this is about the Flesch-Kincaid readability scale – it isn’t. There are times when that’s useful, but by now, most of us should have a pretty good grasp of determining who our audience is and how we should be writing to them. This deals more with how to write for both the readers … Read more

Fun with words: Tips for Effective Copywriting

Landing a copywriting job is the real deal – now you have to produce. If you’re lucky, the job is in your niche, which should make things a lot easier. And it does … at first. Exulting in the glories of an HVAC service with outlets in every town on the map requires fresh copy … Read more

Take Caution When Using Humor in Copywriting

Knock knock. Who’s there? Your doom. There are a number of methods to attract attention when it comes to marketing, from the profound to the sublime, but few can crush your soul as completely as humor. If you doubt me, take a long look at all the failed marketing campaigns that attempted to integrate humor … Read more