Laura Crest – the New Managing Director of Top Shelf Copy

Laura J Crest headshotWell, there’s been some exciting times around here! And I am psyched to share the news of a new partner at Top Shelf Copy.

Fate or good fortune, sometimes we find ourselves entering into a venture with someone, and it just feels right. That’s the case for me, now that Laura Crest is joining me as a partner. We share similar business philosophies, we can both be a tad snarky when it’s called for, and we share a passion for quality content and customer service.

Many of you are probably already familiar with Laura. She’s got tons of experience in writing and editing, bolstered by a good working knowledge of SEO and content strategy. So she’s the ideal person to take over the day to day management of Top Shelf Copy, which will give me more time to dedicate to Intrinsic Value‘s clients. I’ll still be involved in the content arm of the business, of course, but I want Laura to have a free hand to bring her own flair to the game.

We Have a New Managing Director

Top Shelf has grown considerably over the last couple of years, but it’s gotten to the point that I just don’t have enough hours in the day to grow it any more, without my other responsibilities suffering. That had to change, so I decided to bring in someone with experience and drive. Luckily, I mentioned that to a friend the other day, and they suggested I reach out to Laura. If I’d had any idea she might consider it, she’d certainly have headed my short list of candidates.

We still have several great writers, but managing the schedule and various business functions takes time. And although I don’t consider myself disorganized, I know things could be run more efficiently. That’s one of the benefits I think will come with having Laura as a partner. She has a knack for getting things in order and keeping them that way (I’m good at the getting part… it’s the keeping that challenges me).

So please join me in welcoming my partner, Laura, to the helm of Top Shelf as Managing Director. I think we can expect to see some great stuff and I know her expertise will bring more value to our clients.


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Doc Sheldon is the owner of Doc Sheldon's Clinic, co-founder of Top Shelf Copy, a content strategy agency and Intrinsic Value SEO, an SEO services agency. All have their main offices in San Diego, California. Doc specializes in technical SEO and Content Strategy and has more than 35 years experience in marketing and professional journalism bolstering his 9 years online marketing background. In addition to his primary passion– the Semantic Web and the technologies to achieve that end – Doc also performs organic search optimization services for his clients worldwide, specializing in on-page technical issues, organic off-page SEO and content strategy services.

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