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SEO, or search engine optimization is a multi-faceted effort, comprised of many different disciplines. Some would argue that SEO doesn’t include any marketing whatsoever, only pure optimization activities. Others might counter that anything that has to do with the success of a website can fall under the SEO umbrella.

We see some merit in both arguments, but rather than sit on the fence, we come down on the latter side. Whether you wish to call that SEO, marketing or something entirely different really makes no difference. We provide services to make your site highly visible to the search engines, attractive to your users and profitable for you. That means we need to be able to address each of those disciplines.

There are many distinct tactics involved in achieving those three goals for your site. Nearly any of them can have some effect on your site’s success. And there are a few that may not be appropriate for your business. But to achieve maximum success, you need a well coordinated and comprehensive effort, involving several of them.

Top Shelf's SEO Services

We happen to be pretty darned good at some of those tactics, and for the others, we have alliances with some of the top professionals in the industry to allow them to do what they’re good at. The end result is an effective optimization campaign, designed to deliver higher rankings, more targeted traffic and a high conversion rate. That results in greater revenue and an improved profit margin for your business.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of having to coordinate the efforts of two or more providers. Their efforts can potentially be in conflict and their respective goals are usually different. You don’t need to spend valuable time playing referee in what may end up resembling a free-for-all. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

Let the Top Shelf team coordinate the campaign for you, using the seasoned pros we work with to lead businesses like yours to the success they seek. Contact us today for a no-obligation assessment of your needs.


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